Meiskin Natural Oil Stretch Marks Review

Stretch marks are caused in many people for a number of reasons – adolescence, sudden changes in weight and pregnancy are the most common causes of skin tearing in men and women of all ages. Especially after pregnancy, many women will look for treatments for their stretch marks in a bid to remove the unsightly blemishes from their skin. This natural oil stretch marks review is for an Australian treatment product known as Meiskin.

I first came across the Meiskin natural oil treatment at work – I was heavily pregnant and happened to be chatting to a colleague about how this baby was ruining my body with scars. She told me that, after she had had both of her children, she had read this natural oil stretch marks review for Meiskin and that it had really improved the appearance of her scars. I asked her where I could find the oil and she pointed me in the direction of the Meiskin website.

I decided to wait until I’d given birth before using the Meiskin natural oil, because I’d heard that not all stretch mark treatments are suitable for use during pregnancy. Through the website, you are able to order the natural oil in two sizes – 50ml and 125ml. As I was just trying out the Meiskin treatment, I decided to start with a 50ml bottle and see how I went. It was amazingly easy to purchase the oil through the website and it wasn’t long before the package was sitting on my doorstep.

After following the instructions accompanying the natural oil, I applied it to my stretch marks twice a day – after showering in the morning, and then before I went to bed at night. I was unfortunate enough to have scars affecting most of the prone areas – my stomach, hips and breasts were riddled with purple scars. Meiskin’s natural oil is amazingly easy to apply – simply pour a little into your hand and rub away. It was very soothing for the scars, too, and the citrus oils they use smelt wonderful.

In only a few weeks I had noticed a definite difference in the appearance of my stretch marks – they were no longer as pronounced and were sitting more flush with the healthy skin around them. It wasn’t long before I had to order another bottle, and I ended up ordering two of the 125ml sizes I loved it that much.

If you have been scouring the internet for a natural oil stretch marks review for a product that actually works, look no further than the treatment offered by Meiskin. Whilst their website suggests that there are physical suppliers of their product out there, the only place I have ever been able to find the oil is through their website, but it couldn’t be easier to order.

What are the Medicinal Value of Herbs

Herbal medicine institutions teach students in the necessaries of herbalism and botanical medicine. Students who choose to enroll in herbal medicine institutions will discover that this form of medicine is one of the ancient healthcare systems known to human beings. Herbalism is one of the earliest forms of medicine as the western culture also using this method of treatment from a long time ago itself.

In addition to this it is possibly one of the far spread medicines withover 80% of the world population still using herbal way of treatment. Unlike conventional medicine, Herbal medicine is not only used for curing diseases or symptoms. Herbal medicine keeps illnesses and prevents diseases and also keeps up correct functioning of your body. It also raises your mental attitude, appearance and performance. Herbal medicine is also a good option for a sound career. Those who undergo training in herbal medicine not only get certificates but also can achieve some level of practical training and knowledge from an authorised school or learning institution.

Nowadays, herbal practices are the classification of the ayurvedic herbalism, conventional Chinese herbalism and western herbalism. It is one of the earliest forms of treatment used to care all health problems. Natural medicines are preferred by a lot of people, as it has no side effects, contrary to any other advanced medications that are prescribed by doctors nowadays. A few of the herbs used in Ayurveda are eminent in bringing down diabetes and cholesterol. Currently there is a development in the application of herbal medicines due to the success stories of St. John’s Wort, which replaced Prozac to treat mild depression. In U.S.A., the fame of Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba is rising due to its curing effects.

Natural medicines can be manufactured in numerous forms. People have a broad variety of choices to take herbal treatments. These herbal solution producers are making herbal teas, essential oils, herbal tablets or extracts for easy and convenient consumption of the herbal medications. There is a variety of herbs that have vast medicative values that add in the making of natural medicines and drugs. Several parts of the plant like the root, bark, leaves, stem or the seeds also used in the manufacturing of herbal medicines. Herbal medicine no matter where it is being applied comes from the earth’s plants. A natural remedy can use any part of that plant, the root, the stem, the flower, the seeds, even the fluid inside the plant. This is why there are so many herbs that survive because from each plant there can be several different herbs distilled out and numerous different uses as well. Herbal remedies come in all types of forms such as a pill, capsule, gel, ointment, cream, liquid, oil, or tea. Some of the herbal remedies can be found right infront of our eyes such as garlic, cinnamon, ginger, pepperment, tumeric and chamomile tea.

An Open Letter To President Obama On Health Care Reform And What It Means To My Family

Mr. President:

I know that you are a very busy man so I will try to keep my questions about health care reform and the recently passed legislation as short and simple as possible.

– I could ask you why you think this is a good piece of legislation even though I truly believe that it will be a failure and will come very close to bankrupting the country. The basis for my conclusion has nothing to do with political partisanship (in fact, I have never voted for a Republican for national office in my life.) From my perspective, “Obama Care” never effectively addressed the root causes of our escalating health care costs: Americans eat too much of the wrong kinds of food, they exercise far too little, they are overweight, they smoke too much, and they are getting older. This legislation does not address these causes, it just raises taxes and moves money around within the bureaucracy. I could ask you about this but I will not.

– I could ask you why you have not stepped forward and denounced those in your party that have likened Americans like myself, i.e. those that have legitimate and honest concerns about this health care reform bill, to the racists who fought against the civil rights movement from the 1960s. I thought that we lived in a free country where citizens could freely address their elected representatives without being slurred in the most debasing way possible, just for having a different opinion. Your lack of fortitude to oppose those Democrats who frequently use the term “racist” to malign myself and those Americans expressing their honest opposition, cheapens the bravery and contributions of those from long ago that fought actual racism. I could ask you about this but I will not.

– I could ask you why you felt it necessary to pass this legislation by the back door called reconciliation. This is a major, major issue in the country that will affect every American for decades to come. Sneaking it in the back door, without using the traditional, time honored method of passing laws in his country, belittles the approach and makes it look like it was forced through without the full weight of the democratic process behind it. I could ask you about this but I will not.

Here is what I will ask you about. But first, some background facts:

– Let me reiterate that both my wife and myself have never voted for a Republican for national office in our lives.

– We both spent several decades of our lives working hard for AT&T, retiring several years ago, secure in our thinking that AT&T’s promise of health care benefits and coverage for our long years of service was a good bet.

– We both try to eat well, we exercise at our local YMCA on an almost daily basis, neither of us smoke, and we rarely drink. In other words, we take personal responsibility for our health and our health care.
One reason for our personal responsibility behavior is that we are on a high deductible insurance plan with AT&T. We are each responsible for the first $1,200 of our annual health care costs before we get any insurance coverage at all. However, for this personal responsibility, we also pay nothing in annual premiums.

– During the debate leading up to the passage of health care reform, you reiterated more than once that those of us that currently had health care coverage would be able to keep it. However, in a recent article in Fortune magazine, the CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson, was interviewed (several pages of the article are attached). Towards the end of the interview, he was explicitly asked whether AT&T would consider dropping health care insurance coverage for its employees and retirees. His response made it clear that this was a very viable option for two reasons. First, from a business profitability perspective, under the new health care reform law, “you’re better off paying the government a fine and dropping health care coverage for your employees”, improving AT&Ts bottom line. Second, he talks about “economic gravity” which appears to be code words for “if others in his industry do it, AT&T will have no choice but to do it also.”

Thus, a few quick questions for you:

1) Were you just naive when you made the comments that we could all keep our current health care insurance, not realizing the simple fact that companies are in business to make money and if this bill makes it easier for them to make more money by not insuring their workforce, that is what they will do? Or were you being disingenuous, knowing that this would happen and deliberately misinforming the country to help get your health care reform bill passed? Naive or disingenuous, in either case you will be making millions of American voters unhappy in November and in 2012 when we are forced out of our current health care coverage and will blame you for either ignorance or arrogance in this situation.

2) I am 57 years old and my wife is 56 years old and if Mr. Stephenson does decide to terminate AT&T’s health care coverage for employees and retirees, where do you suggest that my wife and I get coverage? What insurance company is going to want to pick us up, and millions of other older Americans who lost their coverage, at our ages even though we are both healthy and taking personal responsibility for our continued good health?

3) If we are forced out onto the market for health care insurance coverage, our new coverage is likely going to be much more expensive. Our annual health care costs will go from a maximum of $1,200 each to a minimum of several thousand dollars each. Is this how you planned to reduce health care costs for middle class America? Is so, then you need to explain the math to me. Maximum of $1,200 to a minimum of several thousand dollars, does not make sense out here in the real world. How does this reduce the escalating health care costs for the 90% of Americans that already had health care insurance prior to the passage of this bill?

Thus, I am not going to ask you about why you and the rest of Congress did not address the root causes of high health care costs in your legislating process. I am not going to ask why you have sat back and been silent while those Americans with legitimate and honest dissent against this bill have been likened to racists by members of your party. I thought you represented all Americans, not just those that agreed with your policies. I will not ask you about why you did not have the courage and guts to pass this legislation the right way, through the front door like every other piece of legislation, but instead snuck it through the back door of reconciliation.

However, I will ask you or your staff to contact me and explain where and how I can get health care coverage at my age if AT&T and the rest of corporate America decides it is a better economic choice to pay a government fine than to cover their employees and retirees with health insurance. I will ask you to explain whether you were naive or disingenuous when explaining that we would be able to keep our current health insurance coverage. And finally, please explain how paying no more than $1,200 a year under my current coverage (with many years paying nothing for coverage during healthy years) is a better deal then finding new coverage at my age and paying several thousand dollars a year for the privilege.

Although I have written to the White House many times, I have never received any answer to my questions on a wide variety of topics even though you promised to have the most open and responsive administration of all time. That has not happened yet. However, in this case I do require, in fact I demand specific answers to my three questions above. For your political sake I hope to receive those answers before early November and certainly before 2012.

Thank you for your time,

Walter “Bruno” Korschek

[Follow up note: a month after sending this to the White House, no answers to the questions have been received or even a simple confirmation that this letter was received has been forthcoming from the Obama adminstration.]

Inclusion Of Ayurveda, Unani & Siddha In Health Insurance A Possibility

Domestic Healthcare systems such as Ayurveda, Unani & Siddha might very soon be treated on par with Allopathy when it comes to medical insurance. This might be recommended by a committee formed by the insurance council. The Department of Ayurveda has asked the General Insurance Council to look into the possibility of including the non-allopathic means treatment for accepting claims under health insurance. A presentation has been made to the council members, who in turn, have formed a 3 member committee to look into the matter.

The committee comprises of CEOs from Star Health, Max BUPA & Apollo. This committee would examine the merits & demerits of the proposal & would then recommend processes to implement if it is convinced about the inclusion of such medicines under health insurance. The IRDA will take a call on the matter. A majority of Indias population resort to alternative means of treatment which is recognized by the Indian Government but not by the insurance industry. Most of the insurers who operate under a joint venture with a global company say that there is no established way to verify such claims and no data to rely upon as well.

In allopathic treatments there are scientific studies and they know how long a treatment will take & how much would it cost. But under alternative means such as Ayurvedic they do not have enough data to cover them. Curing an ailment under alternative medicine means mostly takes a long time (in some cases years) and they do not have a structured way of looking at the data. But under allopathy, its more immediate and easily manageable.

Practitioners under alternative means have no registrations and theres no one body that recognizes hospitals/institutes that treats such patients.

The Health & Family Welfare ministry has been pushing such alternative means so hard because these are affordable & a majority of people make use of domestic expertise in these areas. Allopathic medicines are quite expensive even for people living in the urban areas.

The Department of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy was created in March 1995 and re-named as Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy, or Ayush, in November 2003 to develop education & research in those fields. In conclusion the inclusion of Ayurveda, Unani & Siddha in Health Insurance is a Possibility.

E Cig Health Risks

Used to an increasing degree over not simply the United States but the entire world, e-cigarettes represent an incredibly fast growing and popular new technology. While on the outside e-cigarettes seem completely safe there is a troubling element to their growth, and that’s the fact no one really knows much about them or what the long-term health implications over smoking them is.

It’s up to each individual to decide what level of risk they’re willing to take on in their life and with the habits they adopt. Still, that doesn’t mean you should start (or continue) to smoke e-cigarettes without having some idea what problems they could potentially cause you.

The Only Real Long-Term Health Risk

There is only one health risk associated with e-cigarettes which we’re absolutely aware of and that’s the fact we are largely ignorant over them. The biggest health risk surrounding e-cigarettes is their uncertainty. They could produce lots of health risks which we aren’t aware of and which won’t come to light for another decade.

On the other hand they may also be completely safe. Consider the example of lazik eye treatments. This form of vision correction met a similar level of public hostility and alarm when it first arrived on the market. People came up with all sorts of horror stories over what lazik treatments could potentially do.

-some people felt lazik treatments would initially work and then your eyes would revert to their initial state very quickly

-some people thought lazik treatments would cause serious problems for the first few weeks after treatment and then not even improve vision

-some people predicted lazik treatments would cause blindness after a few years

So what happened with all those early adopters of lazik, not to mention the millions of other people who have gotten it more recently? Nothing bad. A few people had a bad experience or two but overall the vast, overwhelming majority of people who have gotten lazik received massive vision benefits which lasted. Additionally the treatment itself has improved over the years and become faster, more effective and safer.

It’s easy to think up horror stories for e-cigarettes but chances are most of these concerns are unfounded and won’t stand up to scrutiny over time. Similar to lazik, e-cigarette technology will also improve over the years and minimize any problems which may pop up with their first couple years on the market.

We can speculate endlessly over the health risks surrounding e-cigarettes but at the end of the day the only real risk is using a device whose long-term effects are unknown. Like most new medical technologies there’s a good chance e-cigarettes have no negative long term health effects. Chances are e-cigarettes, like lazik, will prove over time to be harmless.