Indian Health Organisation

Yesterday Ieceived a call from IHO- Indian Health Organization..

I thought its a marketing call so I was about to disconnect but suddenly a thought came into my mind n I started listening that what exactly they are offering n then I came to know that they are providing such a beneficial offers to the customers as they were telling me about some health Health is this offer they are giving 4 healthcards n 4 health check which 1 is for primary card holder n the rest 3 are blanks(transferable).. Any family member or friend can use this card.

On green cards they are giving 100% off on consultation & examination, concession on other health treatments etc & the best part is that they are covering 17 major cities….& have more than 2000 doctors in their panel

Now days when medical treatments, dental treatments are very expensive they are providing all the treatments at such huge concessional price.

In the health vouchers they are offering 12 basic body check ups & through body checkup we will be able to know about the pre-existing disease if any & if any of the body organs is malfunctioning.

I came to know more details from their website. Even they provided a toll free number to get in touch with doctors & labs near to the locality. The whole offer is designed keeping in mind the convenience of the consumer.

Its in every way consumer friendly & provides benefits which were never offered by anyone in the medicine before.

Cheers team IHO.

Keep up the good work.