What Are The Health Dangers Of Water Pollution

Effect of Water Pollution on Health and Prevention

Currently human survival and all wild life species are facing a big problem of Water pollution. The problem of water pollution not only is serious for present day but it is becoming worse day by day. Pollution in water gets transported by means of seas and rivers to various cities. Extremely growing industrial segment is very much responsible for polluting the water. Industries are polluting both drinking water as well as they are spreading pollution in air and water also. Huge population of our country which is increasing day by day is also a major cause for water pollution.

More population causes higher water pollution and more health problems and deaths. There are various effects of water pollution in today’s world. Water pollution is affecting not only the outer environment, but also the existence of all living beings. It is affecting each organism of the ecosystem. Ecosystems’ food chain is affected severely by water pollution effects. Water pollution is affecting the health problems in a great ways. Various diseases are spread with the polluted water. Some common diseases are cholera & food poisoning.These are the starting stage of effects of water pollution. These diseases can be caught by any person very much easily. Acidic liquid & chemicals rain is one more reason and water pollution effects. Information regarding water pollution needs to be circulated to every citizen. Chemicals in drinking water cause health problems and leads to diseases like These can be prevented by taking proper methods at household level also. Groundwater and surface water are infected with heavy metals, organic pollutants and nutrients which have an unfavorable influence on health. Inadequate and unskilled organization of water assets is the cause of Water-borne diseases and health problems.

These infectious Water-borne diseases spread by use of infected water. Contact to polluted water is the reason of diseases like diarrhoea, skin irritation, and respiratory problems. Disease depends on the pollutant within the water body. Sluggish water & untreated water offer a home for the mosquito & several other parasites & insects causing a huge number of diseases. Malaria is certainly the most extensively spread. Most of the intestinal diseases are infectious & are spread through impure drinking water. Pathogens like – virus, bacteria, protozoa, and parasitic worms spread by water sources & goes directly to persons handling food and water.

These all diseases are infectious and extreme care is to taken while dealing with a patient. Other water borne diseases are Hepatitis, cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. These water pollution effects are seen mostly in the tropical areas. Various chemical spread through naturally or by human activity cause dissolving of chemicals in water and thus diseases. The organophosphates & the carbonates pesticides influence & hurt the nervous system, they even cause cancer. Few pesticides have carcinogens with exceeding limit of recommended levels. Lead is build up in the body and harm the central nervous system with children & pregnant women are highly on risk. Proper education and management is required to be done to avoid water pollution and save the ecosystem.